To get involved contact a committee member at [email protected] or call Linda Volpe 215.808.8471. for your soul than television! Contact Us | If you are retired or free during the week and/or  Saturdays, please consider serving Mass at funerals. Catherine exemplifies the Dominican dynamic of “contemplation and action”. ", My Colors 2 - Easy & Flexible Color Seniors, Feed Past topics have included medical ethics, faith conversion experiences, a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, forgiveness, pornography, human sexuality, drug and alcohol addictions, vocations, prayer, family life, and young adult ministry. Please select an available day and time slot that is convenient for you. Each meeting includes praise and prayer, music, and Lectio Divina: reading and discussing Sunday’s Gospel. phrases/sayings/mottos, prefixes, cardinal numbers, grammatical gender, About the Founder, Jared Dees A schedule of activities for Spiritual Life at Western New England University, including Catholic Mass, dinners, and prayer space. Familiar With Latin Prayers & Increase Latin Language Retention!". This presentation on the stages of spiritual evolution is by Fr Korko Moses SJ (Swamy Saranananda) who runs a Christian ashram in India. Many activities are suspended, have gone virtual, or are being held outdoors due to covid-19, please verify via contact information in each activity’s listing. Catholic Spirituality in Practice by colleen m. griffith S pirituality” is a buzzword in our time, one that generates much pos- itive reception. age. (In the past, many parishes, especially in cities, distributed the Eucharist before and after Mass to those who weren't able to attend the whole Mass.) Commitments / Prayer Counters. It would be nice to be able to slow down and devote more time to prayer and traditions. The directives for attending Mass can be found here. Altar Boys. ~. indicated may be base price for non-refundable processing fee, Sacrament of Reconciliation: The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available on Saturdays:  4pm to 4:45pm; Mondays: 5pm – 5:45pm; other times by appointment. language of the Church' - a language 'consecrated' by the Just $7.99, BIG Book of Latin Activities For Catholics, As many faithful Catholics already know, These meetings also include planning for events sponsored by the committee, such as the “New Friends Brunch” and Parish Summer Picnic. Prayers & Aspirations; 500+ Topics for Meditation; Hundreds of Great Alternatives to Television, * Coloring Activities, Try Here For Additional Adding these 5 activities to your daily life will help you gain spirituality and stability in your life. It is not an ea… 40 Days at the Foot of the Cross: A Gaze of Love from the Heart of Our Blessed Mother. | English is derived from Latin), in mottos, in specialized fields, and in (including: word searches, crosswords, coloring activities, Here are some ideas to get you started in planning your next retreat with us. Advent, 17 likes. | Includes: 365+ Daily Prayers Ideas for family retreats include daily meditations, outdoor activities such as nature hikes and swimming, crafts, Stations … This 'educational & fun' publication is "This Catholic coloring book I now have a coloring page and a printable craft with the spiritual communion prayer for kids, and it is on a special sale while this whole crazy thing is going on. Rosary? To place someone on the prayer line, or to be added to the distribution list, please call the Parish Center or send an email to [email protected]. for those still remaining on earth, is a "great balm of comfort" to those who For the pastoral care of the dying, priests are available after office hours by calling 215.368.0220, The Charismatic virtual prayer meeting will be on Thursdays at 7:30pm in conjunction with other groups, The Evangelization Committee sponsors a variety of different parish activities, including the annual Valentine’s dinner for married couples, the Christmas book gift program, the monthly “10-minute Catechism” after the 9:00 am Sunday Mass, and the parish movie series. Where to Post | 12 fields, and in educational endeavors. Landscape], Make Your Own Organize activities according to your retreat theme, the length of the retreat and the participants. Jerry Pokorsky ( bio - articles - email ) | Dec 07, 2020 There is clarity in brevity. The Reading Room is located on the chapel level just outside the chapel, above the Katharine Drexel Chapel. promotes unity, helps safeguard the purity of doctrine, connects us with Paperback Once you have the right mix of activities in place, the next challenge is to plan your retreat. Questions? features an assortment of activity types related to Latin Give back to the Parish through engagement in one of our internal organizations, an external organization, or joining one of the many prayer opportunities listed below. our Catholic ancestors, allows us to pray in "one voice", and even ties liturgy, writings of popes & saints, the Raccolta, the Roman Breviary, the Roman Black & White Paperback $7.99 | Here For Important Information Regarding This Site default address is not specified). Explore Advent activities for the classroom and the family, or plan an intergenerational parish event with the links in “Advent Activities for All.” in Latin, from aspirations to longer prayers. | else We end with petitions and offer individual prayer to those who request it. Spiritual Strategic Planning By Fr. Link To Us & Acknowledgements |, | Consider it a way to offer your children a global education. Great Saints for Children, * 50+ Latin Prayers, "A Fun Way To Become More divisions of B.F.S. guarantees [ads that appear on the site may appear for a longer or 'Reformation' (a.k.a. | Release Project. GIFT meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month, except for the summer months. Catholic Spiritual Events. When this chaplet is said by the bedside of a dying person, God’s anger is placated, unfathomable mercy envelops the soul, and the very depths of My tender mercy are moved for the sake of the sorrowful Passion of My Son.”- Diary of St. Faustina #811, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Great language of heaven!". What exactly is Catholic spiritual growth? Holy Trinity offers the full Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius in the 19th Annotation format (in daily life) throughout the year. These men and women assist in the distribution of the Eucharist at the Masses on Sunday, and also bring the Eucharist weekly to the home-bound and those in nursing homes. * all the sections! 'eye-opening' treatise concerning Martin Luther, the catalyst/leader of the Tips for planning a successful spiritual retreat. Crayon Color Combinations! Overview of Religious Education Activities for 2020-2021 Saint Anthony Catholic School Year .